UPDATE   – 12.03.2023 –

Added new resources (Gardening Essentials)

UPDATE   – 12.01.2023 –

Added new resources

UPDATE   – 14.08.2022 –

Added new resources to ‘Craft Packaged Food’ ( Support for Womp Chips )

UPDATE   – 13.07.2022 –
  • Added new interaction – Make Crafting materials
  • Added resources for soap ingredients crafting ( Add on 9 – upcoming)
UPDATE   – 12.06.2022 –
  • Added resources for Add On 8 – Plant Milk (upcoming)
  • Added SCCO tags to butter, flour, sugar
  • Renamed Add on 1 package

UPDATE   – 14.04.2022 –

  • Added resources for Add On 7 ( will be uploaded soon)
  • Aded New Interaction – Process Tea

UPDATE   – 13.02.2022 –

Added resources for Add On 6

UPDATE   – 14.12.2021 –

Added resources for Hot chocolate Products


UPDATE   – 14.09.2021 –

Added New resources for Custom Food packaging – Fruit Jelly

UPDATE   15.08.2021
– Added New Interaction : make dairy products ( For milk based milled ingredients)
– Added option to get Cottage Living Flour and Sugar from the Large Milled Flour and Sugar Bags so that sims can make all the EA dishes with milled flour/sugar. ( Thanks Rex for the idea!)
– Added resources for Indian Grocery products Add On

UPDATE   – 13.02.2022 –

Added resources for Add On 6 ( will be uploaded shortly)

UPDATE   – 22.07.2021 – 
– Updated for Cottage Living


UPDATE   – 9.06.2021

UPDATE – 14.05.2021





A) Functional Mill – Industrial
Name: Functional Mill – Industrial
Location: Appliances > Misc, Entertainment > Outdoor, Hobbies
B) Functional Mill – Rustic
Name: Functional Mill – Rustic
Location:Appliances > Misc, Entertainment > Outdoor, Hobbies


Make Mill products
  • Select the product to make from a picker menu. 
  • Picker menu lists the product, ingredients required and skill required.
  • As the Milling skill progresses, more and more products are unlocked.
  • After crafting the sim will carry the product and place it on an available surface


Milling Skill
  • 5 level Skill
  • Gained by reading skill book – Milling Manual
  • Milling Manual can be bought from bookshelves 
  • Skill not gained by making mill products ( Will be changed in a later update)




  • Each cycle of  crafting will give a large pack of product. The product can be packed into smaller packs/Opened. 
  • The Smaller packs will be found in the sim’s inventory.
  • The larger Packs can be sold
  • The smaller packs can be used as ingredients and sold
  • SCCO compatible
Product Smaller Product Tag/Type Skill Required Ingredient Polycounts
Rice Rice bag Ingredient 1 6 Rice Grain Large – 458v/752p; Small – 186v/270p
Flour Flour Bag Ingredient, Baking 1 6 Wheat grain Large – 458v/752p;Small – 104v/118p
Sugar Sugar Bag Ingredient, Baking 3 6 Sugarcane Large – 458v/752p; Small – 186v/270p
Butter Butter Stick Ingredient, Baking, Milk Products 4 6 Plain Milk Large pack – 81v/72p; Small Pack – 98v/118p
Heavy Cream Heavy Cream Small pack Ingredient, Baking, Milk Products 5 6 Plain Milk, 1 Butter Large pack – 96v/86p;Small – 54v/64p
Biscuit Base Small pack Ingredient, Baking 3 Graham cracker – Large Serving Large pack – 218v/296p;Small pack – 46v/46p
Cream Cheese Small pack Ingredient, Baking, Milk Products 5 10 Plain Milk, 6 lemon Large pack – 81v/72p; Small Pack – 98v/118p
Veggie Crate Opened to give 20 Veggies 2 20 ANY Veggie 172v/120p
Fruit Crate Opened to give 20 Fruit 2 20 ANY Fruits 172v/120p






  • Lots and lots of products
  • Skill Improvements
  • New Buffs
  • Add on Crafting Objects/Appliances
  • Large Windmill
DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible


Made with Game Version : Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

OPTIONAL Files Required :

Rice Grain

Graham Crackers
PolyCount : Industrial Mill482v/476p; Rustic Mill – 547v/523p

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  1. […] Flour/Sugar Butter Oat Caramel Sauce (Canning station) PolyCount : A) Chocolate pancakes – Single – 712v/784p(high), 542v/566p (med) ; Multi -1803v/1940p (high),1461v/1490p (med)B) Kitty pancakes – Single – 546v/742p(high), 359v/434p (med) ; Multi -1532v/2082p (high),1116v/1462p (med)A) Oatmilk Blueberry pancakes – Single – 1168v/1364p(high), 855v/1106p (med) ; Multi -1930v/2538p (high),1358v/1596p (med)     […]


  2. Hey, unfortenatley my sim is stuck when I try to make a mill product. it stops after the filling in mill animation and the action is still ongoing with an filled green circle in the left down corner. When I hover over the mill (industrial and old one) ist says that the flour has been processed but how can I get the product? Thanks a lot!


      • Delete the mill and then rebuy the mill a d try again. Sometimes autonomous actions by the sims interrupts the process and prevents it from completion. If it had completed then you would have had either the collect or empty interaction on the mill


  3. Hello! It appears the the Vegetable Oil is not tagged as oil or any oil for use with scco – i have like 20 of them and yet the game is still thinking i only have 6/8 to make bread (I bought some oil from the scco grocery shopping and opened it and those work). and yes, I did break the big pack down to the smaller packages to use, but they dont work, I cannot make bread :<


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