Suggestions Page

Put all your suggestions in the comments!

No guarantee that I will make it but I definitely take a look πŸ™‚

( Currently I am only taking definite requests from my patrons of Tartosa Tier)

Include picture references if possible!


  1. Hi! I love your work! Can you please consider making larger sandwiches, such as turkey subs and ham sandwiches?? πŸ™‚


  2. Have you thought about making a public Patreon with updated mods? I know that your mod update isn’t current for me, and it can be hard to keep track of. Love all the new crops and content!


    • I feel so stupid as I realized I didn’t scroll down on the update document! Feel free to delete my prior post. Clearly, more coffee was needed.


  3. I love your work and thank you for all the work that you do. Having storage for the herbs and stuff that does not go in the fridge would be nice, besides the storage chest that is in the game. like a spice rack for the wall that stores them.


  4. Ah I just found out this suggestion page.
    I’ll write this about cookie jar here too then just in case >///<
    Is it possible to make sims eat the cookie like how they eat harvestables? so no need to eat at dining table and they can do all cookie jar interaction while sitting!
    I'd love to put the cookie jar on computer desk while my sim writing novel and occasionally grab cookies! It'd be amazing if sims can grab and eat the cookie while sitting in front of computer.
    Thank you!!


  5. I was thinking of what Indian foods I’d like and realiezed there aren’t any dosa in the game. Any chance you’ll make some in the future?


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