I wanted a way to display some Love Day treats in my shop so I made a simple paper box with slots. Set contains a paper box and 14 love day themed edible treats. 

How to use paper box –  

  1. Search by ‘Love Day’
  2. Place Box on Floor
  3. Place the edible hand held treats in the box slots
  4. Turn on Move objects 
  5. Place Box with treats on any surface
  6. Can be set to sale in a retail store 

Paper Box – 

  • Name – Love Day Paper Box
  • Price – 5
  • Swatches – 36
  • Catalogue – Decorative > Clutter
  • Slots – 9 (small) Place on floor to fill slots
  • Downsize box for different scenarios

Treats Available – 

  • Search by ‘Love Day’
  • Found under Misc Appliances
  • Handheld edibles
  • Does not spoil

A. Strawberry Wafer

Strawberry Cream

Vanilla Cream

Chocolate Cream

Red Velvet Cream
Blackberry Cream

B. Rose Cupcakes – 

Red Rose

Pink Rose

Violet Rose

White Rose

Chocolate Rose

    C. Heart Cake Pops





      DLC Requirement : Base game compatible
      Made with Game Version : Update 02/4/2020 – PC: / Mac:
      Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
      PolyCount : 
      Strawberry Wafers – 620v/542p(high), 570v/486p (med)
      Rose Cupcake – 416v/514p(high), 337v/362p (med)

      Heart Pops – 226v/228p(high), 191v/195p (med)

      Paper Box – 140v/98p 

      মুন মুন


      1. Hi!Sooo. As a long time annoymous follower, I saw your post on twitter about being unmotivated so I just wanted to comment and let you know how much I appreciate and love all your content. It has made my S4 game so much more alive than just the EA content (no shade meant by this! O_O).I also second the others who have said a break is the best way forward! 🙂


      2. hi, now you are open you patreon i don't know if i must let my mesage on your Patreon or here, if you come to see the comment? Because i want to prevent now that you are Patreon i think , that you need this: in the mod the sims for the mod of Graycruse for the fridge , a ll people tell that we must do a choice beween your Recipes , your product that can buy , we can't have your mod and the mod of Graycruse, and all they choice the Graycruse mod. and let your recipes. i tell you that if you can see with graycruse if you can do sothing for your two mods work together. one ppersone tell this : ” an update on graycurse's mods or an update on icemunmun's caused the two to stop working together.”


      3. Hey, i find where is the problem, i go to let a message on mod the sims , for explain them. they don't choice the good XLM injector, because they are do one update the 27 march 2019, and it's not good , they must choice the triplis XLM injector and not the update, with the Triplix version is work, we can see and buy the ingredient , don't xorry i go t o let them a messsage, you can't do all alone.


      4. Ah thank you so much for figuring this out! I was wondering what the issue was since I did not make any changes to the mod which would make the mod conflict with anything


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