Adds a custom  recipe to the game – Heart cake Pops
Bite sized cakes covered with red velvet and fruity cream frosting

Update – 19.08.2021 – 

Updated for –

– Cottage living
– Simple Living Lot challenge
– Group Cooking
– Picnic Basket

⇨Requires Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion


  • Serving – Multi/Party Serving
  • Optional Ingredient : 1 strawberry + 1 cherry + 1 raspberry + 1 cocoa + 0 simoleon flat fee for Single Dish 
  • (No custom version requires 1 Strawberry + 1 cherry ) Recipes can still be cooked if the sim does not have the required ingredients 
  • Cooking skill (Homestyle) needed – Level 5
  • Menu : Available from Custom Food menu (from Custom Food Interactions), Dessert and toddler menus
  • Restaurant : Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu under Dessert .


  • Vegetarian Safe
  • Buyable from the catalogue ( Misc Appliances)
  • Compatible with University – Cafeteria Station and Dorm Chests
  • Added support for RoM spells
  • Fullfills the Holiday Baking Tradition
  • Compatible with City Living
  • Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the food on floor, high chairs, sofa)
  • Pets Compatible – pets can interact with them and also eat them if they have the glutton trait
  • Compatible with Parenthood GP (Can be packed into Sack lunch)
  • Multi serving as two states (full and empty)
  • Has Custom Single and multi Plates
  • Has Custom Cooking Steps

Versions :

1. Heart Cake Pops – Requires custom harvestable Vanilla
2. Heart Cake Pops NoCustom – Does not require custom harvestables

DLC Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : Update 02/4/2020 – PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :

Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion

Harvestable Cocoa Bean

Harvestable Raspberry

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
PolyCountSingle – 226v/228p(high), 193v/197p (med) ; Multi – 1365v/1412p (high), 1000v/1023p (med)


  1. hi, i want to warn you, the Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion no work , there is a long time tht i use this mod and all your recipe but now i can see nothing on the fridge!! And now you go to do a patreon, we must to go on your patreon, and after on the mod the sims. i foolow you at the start but now i past all my night after i come back hospital , to try to repair but nothing work in game with only your mod and i try a new part , but nothing.


  2. Hey…Make sure that all the files are unpacked and in .oackage and .ts4script format. Does the menu appear on the fridge/stove ? Can you send me a picture of your mods folder with the mod and what you get when you click on the fridge ? Patreon is totally optional. Everything will be released for free within 7-14 days. Hope you are doing well


  3. No for patreon, i want to be patreon, i only afraid that we must see evrywhere lol!! but i know that you do the think very well, i find your recipe, after one night , it's incredible, i must only stay on e moment and is work with leniad now too. I am really sorry, i think that you sleep, with you baby. I don't want to disturb you shuuuutt , rest and your little angel too. i don't see all but if i see something of strange i tell you. 😀


  4. Hello I have download a lot of your new custom food and when I use sims assistance it keep tell me that some of the custom food is conflicting with each other please help ty


  5. Here's list simAll Conflicting together Banana Foster Banana pancakes Banana pudding Blueberry muffin Log cakePistachio biscotti Pistachio cupcakes Raspberry tartSpooky cookies Boiled eggs Easter NasilemakFishbananalefPolenta Pumpkin hand pieIcemunmun ldli Pumpkin rolls All Conflicting together Cranberry punchSpooky Dracula punch Spooky monster punch Mtsfoodgrounp drinks custom interaction This Two Conflicting Together Custom food lasagna Stuffed peppers This Two Conflicting Together Falafel vampire KosherThis To Conflicting Together Heart cake popsRose cupcakes


  6. Hey you can ignore conflict reports between my recipes because they share resources like spoons, bowls, plate textures and that is why you are getting reports of that. It will not cause any issue in your game.


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