Reporting issues

If you have any issues mention it in the comments

Before mentioning the issues –

If you get LEs –

  1. Make sure that you have custom food and drink interaction packages
  2. Make sure you have all the updated required base files – canning, nectar making, mill, soup maker etc
  3. Make sure you have all the updated versions
  4. Make sure you dont have older versions hiding in your folders
  5. Known LE with Mill and Nectar maker – if the crafting interaction is interrupted by game autonomy, you will get the get carry transition LE. This is due to an issue with game autonomy because it continually tries to interrupt interactions and the same reason you see sims stop midway and freeze and also why the game drops interaction from queues. This error should not actually cause issues…just the game autonomy being pesky.
  6. Remove Hasselback potatoes if you have it (NEW)
  7. If your plants are dying, redownload the post cottage living updates and REPLANT THE HARVESTABLES (NEW)
  8. Send me the Lastexception.txt file ( Upload to a file sharing site and send me the link)

When you mention the issue include the following –

1. Mod Name - 
2. Downloaded from - 
3. Date of download - 
4. Describe the issue - 
5. Whether you get an LE - 


  1. Hello! Your smoothies dont appear on restaurant menu and I am not sure if its meant to be like that (only available through smoothie maker and buy mode) or not.
    Thank you.


  2. I have been having issues with your mods lately. For some reason they used to work along with Srsly’s cooking overhaul but whenever they were installed, I can’t interact with the fridge or the oven, and I had the required mods such as custom food interactions.


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