Adds a custom Homestyle  recipe to the game -Banana Souffle

⇨Requires Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion ( updated on 14.01.22)

  • Serving :Single, Large Serving Option
  • Optional Ingredient :1 Flour/Sugar + 1 Egg + 1 Banana + 0 simoleon flat fee for single dish
  • Recipes can still be cooked if the sim does not have the required ingredients. Custom ingrediets are optional.
  • Cooking skill (Homestyle) needed Level 6
  • Menu : Available from Custom Bake Menu on Fridge, Stove, (from Custom Food Interactions) and toddler menus. Also available under Dessert menus
  • Restaurant : Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu under Dessert Menu.
  • Vegetarian safe, lactose free
  • Comaptible with Cottage Living
  • Compatible with Group Cooking
  • Compatible with Simple living Challenge
  • Compatible with Snowy escape
  • Requires Power to cook
  • Compatible with Freegan trait
  • Compatible with Discovering University
  • Compatible with RoM (Can be duplicated)
  • Compatible with City Living
  • Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the food on floor, high chairs, sofa)
  • Pets Compatible – pets can interact with them and also eat them if they have the glutton trait
  • Compatible with Parenthood GP (Can be packed into Sack lunch)
  • Custom Cooking Steps
  • Has Custom Plates
DLC Requirement : Base game Compatible
Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :  Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion ( updated on 14.01.22)

OPTIONAL Files Required :

Sugar/Flour (Cottage Living/Custom)
Egg (Cottage Living/Custom)
PolyCount : A) Multi: 2356v/2910p (high); 1836v/2098p (med)

B) Single : Single 384v/474p (high); Single 365v/436p (med)

Download Patreon  

Public Release Available on 8.02.22


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for delivering so much high quality content. I had one suggestion? As someone who can't afford Patreon, it would be nice that notices about you updating your content could be posted publicly. I noticed that there was a post on Patreon but it was locked to Patrons. So excited for the bulk preserve making! I had suggested that months ago and can't wait! ❤


  2. Hey all my public content is updated for the latest patches! They all work okay. I had made a few changes to some of the recipes which are on MTS which I havent uploaded yet. But this was because I realised after making the changes that as long as you have the latest custom food interaction, you dont require those changed recipes. The recipes which are on MTS work as they should with the latest custom food and drink interaction. I may in future add more ingredients to the recipes overall. Also I am making changed to both the canning and the nectar making station currently!


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