Update 25.07.21 – 

  • Updated for Cottage living – the eggs, meat and easter egg appear correctly now
  • Cottage tags added to eggs

UPDATE (11th April 2021)

– Updated to fix issue of egg collection not available for some people

UPDATE (18th March 2021)

  • Fixed LE when eating eggs
  • Removed restrictions – All memebers can care for the coop simultaneoulsy
  • One sim can simultaneously take care of more than one coop
  • Chickens can be fed and eggs can be collected only between 4 AM – 6 PM
  • Reduced Disease incidence and spread
  • Added Moving Chicken Visuals
  • Translations  —
  1. Spanish by Geosims
  2. German by Helene
  3. Italian by ZaffiroGarnet
  4. Traditional Chinese by YingZi
  5. Russian translations by Origamika 

Points to note – 
  • Interactions are sim specific ( The sim who feeds is the one who will collect).
  • If you sell and rebuy the coop, the interactions will carry over

UPDATE (20th June 2020)

  • Updated for Eco Life Style Pack
  • Fixed Golden Egg
  • Reduced the chance of acquiring Golden Egg
  • Reduced Disease incidence and spread

UPDATE (1st December 2019)

UPDATE (6th October 2019)

  • There would no longer be an error when the sims try to eat Good Quality eggs.
👉Download the Simfileshare links only


  • Updated to Patch :UPDATE: 4/16/2019 – PC / Mac


  • Added Portuguese translation by – ( I am so sorry I lost the name while downloading the translations. Can the lovely person who sent me this please pm me on twitter/tumblr/MTS or comment here ? )
  • Fixed the ‘Clean’ interaction. It now completes by itself
  • Fowl Flu Immunity fixed
  • Fowl Flu Spread reduced
  • Sims can now collect Eggs 1 hour after feeding ( instead of 3 hours)
  • Sims can feed the chickens every 8 hours ( instead of every 12 hours)
  • Fixed strings
  • Added a disease free version


  • Name – Chicken Coop
  • Location – Misc Appliances, Outdoor Activity
  • Price – 500 Simoleons
  • Presets – 12


  1. Set Up Coop
  2. Buy Chickens
  3. Feed Chickens
  4. Check for Eggs
  5. Collect Eggs
  6. Look for Easter eggs
  7. Observe
  8. Converse with Chickens
  9. Rename Coop
  10. Play with Chicks
  11. Hug Chicken
  12. Tell Story
  13. Insult/Use fowl Language


1. Set Up Coop –

  • To be done once per sim for all coops.
  • Has to be redone if coop becomes dirty.

2. Buy Chickens –

  • Has to be done once per sim for all coops.
  • Has to be redone if chicken dies (very rare) 
  • Buff – ‘New poultry‘ (+2 Happy, 2 sim hours)

3. Feed chickens 

  • Requires one Chicken feed in the inventory. 
  • After feeding Checking for eggs interaction becomes available. 
  • Can feed once every 12 hours.
  • Relationship gain.
  • New animation.

4. Check for eggs – 
  • If you check for eggs within 3 hours, there would be a notification that eggs are not ready. 
  • After 3 hours, eggs become ready to be collected.
5. Collect Eggs – 
  • Sims get a carton of egg in the inventory.
  • Have to wait some time for the feed feature to be available again. 
  • New animation.
  • Gives buff – ‘Bountiful Eggs‘ (+1 Energized, 8 sim hours)


  • Found in the inventory after collecting
  • Can be opened
  • Sim will receive good eggs and bad eggs in inventory
  • Can occasionally receive golden eggs 
  • On eating good eggs: buff – “Egg-cellent” (+3 Energized, 2 sim hours)
  • On eating Bad eggs: “Something Rotten” (=1 Uncomfortable, 2 sim hours). Bad eggs can act as a good quality fertilizer.
  • Golden eggs can be sold for 800 simoleons

6. Look for Easter eggs –

  • Will get 3 different types of Easter egg in the inventory.
  •  Edible. 
  • Can be sold. 
  • 12 different varieties. Edible.
  • New animation.
  • Gives buff – ‘Easter Eggs’ (+1 Happy for 24 sim hours)
  • Can be done once per day

7. Rename coop 

  • Name the chicken/chicken coop
  • Build relationship with the coop
  • Chicken Coop icon will appear in the relationship panel under the new name

8. Observe – 

  • Relationship gain.
  • Gives buff – “Chick Magnet” (+1 Happy, 2 sim hours)

9. Converse with Chickens– 

  • Relationship gain.
  • Fills Social motive
  • Gives buff – “Fowl Conversation” (+1 Energized, 8 sim hours)

10. Play with Chickens – 

  • Relationship gain.
  • Fills Social Motive
  • New animation.
  • Gives buff – “Chick Magnet” (+1 Happy, 2 sim hours)

11. Hug Chickens – 

  • Relationship gain.
  • Fills Social Motive
  • New animation.
  • Gives buff – “Hen Hugger” (+3 Happy, 2 sim hours)

12. Tell Story – 

  • Relationship gain. 
  • Fills Social motive
  • Gives buff – “Told a great story” (+1 Inspired, 12 sim hours)

13. Insult/Use Fowl Language– 

  • Relationship Loss. 
  • Fills Social motive
  • Gives buff – “Fowl Conversation” (+2 Confident, 8 sim hours)


1. Chicken Feed – Found in Misc Appliances, 5 simoleons, required to be present in inventory for Feed interaction

2. Egg Carton – Found in inventory after ‘Collecting’

3. Eggs – Found in inventory after ‘Open Carton’ Interaction

4. Easter Eggs – Found in inventory after ‘Search for Easter eggs’ Interaction


  • Sim can start gaining relationship with the coop/chicken after naming the coop
  • Chicken appears in relationship panel (icon is a bit blurry)
  • Relationship gain – Converse with chickens, hug chickens, play with chicks, tell story
  • Relationship Loss – Insult Chicken/Use Fowl language


All diseases are fictitious

Fowl Flu

  • 20% chance of contracting the disease from tending to the chicken coop( feeding, collecting eggs etc)
  • Mild self limiting illness
  • Infectious during 1st phase
  • Consists of 3 phases lasting for 24 sim hours each
  • Phases are – Prodrome (Aches and Pains), Acute Phase ( Hot and Leaky), Convalescent (Get Well Soon)
  • Symptoms : Prodrome – Mild Fever, nausea sneezing and coughing with need decay.
  • Symptoms : Acute Phase – Severe Fever, nausea sneezing and coughing with need decay
  • Symptoms : Convalescent Phase – Headache, dizziness, nausea
  • Disease confers immunity for 7 sim days
  • Can be cured at any stage by drinking Orange Juice. If cured by orange Juice, then no immunity development (Requires orange juice override)


  • 30% chance of contracting the disease from eating bad eggs and 5 % chance from eating good eggs
  • Mild self limiting illness
  • Not Infectious
  • Consists of 3 phases lasting for 24 sim hours each
  • Phases are – Prodrome (Unusually Bad), Acute Phase ( Simonella), Convalescence 
  • Symptoms : Prodrome – Mild Nausea with need decay.
  • Symptoms : Acute Phase – Severe Fever, nausea, weight loss with need decay
  • Symptoms : Convalescent Phase – Dizziness with weight loss and need decay
  • Disease confers immunity for 7 sim days
  • Can be cured at any stage by drinking Orange Juice. If cured by orange Juice, then no immunity development (Requires orange juice override)


1. Buffs are applied per sim so interactions are sim specific
2. Some clipping issues in custom animations. The animations are not perfect.
Please let me know if you encounter any other issues


Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : 2/5/2019 – PC
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod


Chicken Coop – 4722v/4148p(high), 3844v/1860p(med)
Carton – 965v/1212p(high), 688v/763p(med)
Egg – 101v/180p(high), 46v/78p(med)
Easter Egg – 121v/168p(high), 68v/80p(med)
Chicken Feed – 74v/74p(high), 50v/44p(med)






Orange Juice Override

মুন মুন


  1. Mod doesnt download, comes up as a blank download…my settings are fine…and theres no other version on my computer help? .package files don't work either


  2. Yo! Not sure if you already know but there seems to be an issue with the slot on top of the coop. I can no longer place a deco chicken up there, it slots underneath the coop instead.Love this coop btw, thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. Sorry for being stupid, but what's the difference between BG version and NoDisease version? I mean, if I don't want diseases from the coop, why can't I just download the BG version? What's the special purpose of NoDisease version?


  4. Hi. I don't know if you are still responding to comments here. I thought this was interesting and wanted to pass it along. I'm playing a gardener game and my guy sim gardens and makes nectar. He's dating Summer Holiday. As you probably know Summer is “eternally” cheerful. I put the chicken coop (no disease) mod and the chicken meat mod in my game. For some reason when Summer came to visit she was “confident.” If there is one buff I hate in Sims 4 it's “confident.” Anyway, she was constantly confident. Like Always! I also use the Basemental mod. There is a nasty interaction called “Insult Reg Weed.” During her visit she attempted to “Insult” my guy sim (her boyfriend) three times. Despite the fact that there is no weed in this particular game. None. I had to pause the game quickly and reset her or it would have destroyed their relationship. As a long time computer guy I always start with the last thing I did. So I took the chicken coop and the chicken meat plant out of my game. Now Summer Holiday is back to her usual cheerful self. Weird huh?


  5. I love your works! I used to use chicken coop but its not working now. 😦 Collect egg is avaliable but my sims cant collect it. Action is cut suddenly or buff comes but eggs dont come in inventory. I think its about my game is an older version. Is there a older version of mods? Can you Help?


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