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 Twins Manihara and Vikramditya belonged to an old wizard family. They are fraternal twins. Like most twins they are inseparable. They fought often but they made up as soon as simmering tempers cooled down. Each had a fatal flaw – Manihara was jealous and Vikramditya was paranoid.

They were very much interested in ocult sciences with manihara’s interests being potions and Vikram’s interests being Spells. Each wanted to excel in their choosen path.

Manihara had a bit of untamed magic in her. Vikram had a bit of mischief in him.

They had a vague recollection of an old eccentric aunt on their mother’s side. Aunty Leila. She stayed in a house all by herself in Forgotten hollow. Isolated. Secluded. Estranged from the whole family. It was said that she practiced the art of medium and spirits. There was even rumours of her binding the mortal remains of one of her companions, Hilda, to her will.

She died under mysterious circumstances a few weeks ago. She had sent her last will and testament to the family lawyer in a sealed, slightly smoking, slighlt torn envelope. 

She had left her house to the twins. Nobody was surprised as much as the twins by these curious turn of events.

The twins had always wanted to visit Forgotten Hollow. It had an old world charm. It also boasted of the unoccupied ancestral home of Count Vladius.

 Many say that it is not unoccupied. 

Many say that Count Vladius still lived there. 

The local newspaper reported hearing strains of melodious organ music at 3 AM on clear nights.

There were many more nooks and crany to explore. 

The twins decided to take up residence in Aunt Leila’s House before they moved to Glimmerbrook. The had planned to take up apprenticeship under the renowed sages of Realm of magic. in Glimmerbrook.

They packed up their belongings and their two cats – Lei and Mika and set out on their journey to Forgotten Hollow. They had booked a stagecoach.It was a bumpy ride.

They were not disappointed. The place was like a scene out of a fairytale

As they entered the gardens the twins felt that something was not quite right! Manihara felt a prickling sensation all over her body while Vikram felt a suddent bout of irrational fear. Even the cats meowed loudly in protest.

They chalked it up to the remnant magical sparks from their idiosyncratic aunt.

The house was cozy and cluttered. They loved it and decided then and there that they will make a home out of it. It was the perfect place to hone their chosen arts.

Vikram decided to explore the house while Manihara wanted to light the fireplace in the den. The fire place was gorgeous with old intricate carvings. There was even some wood in the hearth. 

In no time she got the fire crackling. She loved the woodsy scent of the burning cedar pine log.

On the mantle there was a crystal ball. It softly reflected the fire light. Manihara wondered if this had seen any use.

There was a strange plant in a glass jar…could it be the mystical cowplant ? Manihara’s respect for Aunty leila grew…it takes considerable skill to grow a miniature cowplant. 

There were many pictures on the wall…some potraits of long gone by people, a picture of a looming forbodding house…. 

There was also a faded picture of a strange red and blue plant. It was a study print with labelled parts and scribbled notes. Manihara pondered that she needed to inspect all the pictures in a better light.

She spied a dusty pile of books and settled down by the fireplace in old worn out arm chair. The books look quite interesting…full of old herbal recipes with personal scriblings on the margins.

Brrr…..was a window left open Manihara wondered. Where did this sudden icy draft come from ? She looked at her arms…there were goosebumps.

Oh! What was that ? What did I feel..wondered Manihara. It felt cold, it felt slimy…it felt like a wishper of a flickering life force…

She was too tired to deal with this….the crackling fire and the woodsy fire was lulling her to sleep….she decided to go upstairs and go to sleep…

Vikram wondered into the den…he had felt some strange flutterings around him as he was exploring the house. He decided that this exploration of the house can wait till the next morning.

The fire was blazing in the fireplace and the air was permeated with a sweet woodsy smell. He wanted to sit down and rest a little. Food can wait.

He sat down on the sofa. The sofa looked old and dusty but was surprisingly soft and cozy.

Ah what happened to the fire now….Vikram was sure it had enough wood…no way should it have gone out in this manner

Oh….oh…oh….what is that….

There is something…someone behind me…right ?!

To Be Continued……


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