Adds harvestable 6 varieties of grapes and vines to the game

List of Grapes

1. Bangalore Blue
2. Cabarnet
3. Chardonnay
4. Merlot
5. Pinot Noir
6. Sauvignon blanc

Update 22.07.2021 – Updated for Cottage Living – Enabled for Village Shoppe and Grocery Order by this mod

Update 20.09.2020
  • Dutch Translations – Yuna_Vs
  • German Translations – Lornaria and Helene912
  • French Translations – Candyman
  • Spanish Translations – Geosims
  • Made compatible with Eco Pack ( Fizzy juices to come)


—— Grapes can be found under ‘Misc Appliances’ . [ Search for ‘Grape’ the search bar for easy access]

—— Cost – 33 simoleons 
—— Can be planted and harvested
—— Grape is tagged as a fruit , so can be eaten raw or used in recipes which require fruit as a cooking ingredient. (Custom nectar recipes to come )
—— Can be sold using City Living Craft sales table, Grocery market stall
—— Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the harvestable, play with the plant)
—— Pets Compatible
—– Growing season : Summer, Fall, Spring


Eating the grapes harvestable raw will give a moodlet/buff
—— +2 Energized
—— 120 sim minutes
—— Groovy Grapes

Use Increased Hunger Bonus Mod if you want the sims to gain more hunger motive points from eating harvestables

Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version 9/17/2019 – PC / Mac  
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
PolyCount : Grape Vine – High-1116v/942p, Med – 984v/796p ; Grapes – High-183v/318p, Med – 104v/160p


মুন মুন


  1. Yay I am so excited for the nectar maker! Thanks so much for these grapes and your hard work as a modder! The sims world would be a sad, sad, place without your mods 🙂


  2. Hi MunMun. Sorry to be a nuisance, but I suddenly realised these were missing from the list of harvestable itmes linked from your side bar. Just wanted to let you know as I was missing them from my collection of plants.


  3. Just a few questions:1) Did you plant them from a fruit yourself, from scratch, or did you use a vine? If you planted one of the pre-planted vines, then they won't actually fruit, even if you try to force them to via the debug menu (this is an issue that affects default game veg too, not just custom harvestables, although it's a bit hit and miss sometimes and presumably it's to stop you simply picking up wild ones and taking them home to put into your garden without the work of growing them yourself).2) Are you sure it's actually fruiting? The default appearance of the plant shows grape bunches, but these aren't harvestable. When it fruits, it actually creates extra bunches that have a slightly different, more three dimensional appearance when you zoom in close to look at them. 3) Do you have any other options like sell etc? Assuming that you actually DO have harvestable grapes to collect, have you tried harvest all on another, nearby plant?4) Are you getting any errors messages, LEs etc?5) Have you tried, temporarily, taking out all other mods apart from the harvestable grapes, deleted the localthumbcache package in the root of the My Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 4, and loaded up the game? Obviously, make a copy of your saved games folder somewhere else first, and don't actually save your game after loading up this way, as you will lose all of your other custom content, but give that a try (and maybe even try creating a new game, use debug cheats to plant yourself a new vine from the fruit, and then use the debug cheats to make it blossoming and force it to fruit.


  4. Yeah, if you found the vines from the menu, and put that down, then that would probably be the issue. If you bought the individual bumch of grapes and put that on the ground, and the planted that, then it should be working. Good luck and let us know if you resolve it or not.


  5. Okay, when I bought the grapes from a vendor they grew. Getting them from build mode they are just arbors – very nice and highly decorative arbors none the less!Thanks and keep making you're wonderful wonderful stuff!


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