—- Added compatibility with Dream Home Decorator Stove Tops


—- Increased the XP gain with potion crafting


—- Added Russian translations by Leoobarse


—- Added french translations by Candyman

Details – 

This is a mod ( script + package) which allows the Alchemy potions ( RoM) to be crafted on a stove and grill

  • New Brew Alchemy Potion Interaction on stoves and grills

  • Interaction opens a recipe picker menu showing the potion name, cost, ingredients required. 

  •  Made the alchemy potion ingredients optional ( the potion can be made even if the ingredients are not in the sim’s inventory for a price). 

  • Added a small flat price ( 5 simoleons) to the alchemy potion crafting.

  • The alchemy potions will be unlocked as you learn the recipes.

  • Since the stove/grill pot is small, each crafting interaction will produce one potion ( as opposed to 4 potions from the huge cauldron). Ingredients required are same (Price you pay for being a practical witch)

  • Custom pots for the alchemy potion crafting ( I tried to match the Cauldron colours)

Requirement : Realm of Magic GP, Outdoor Retreat
Made with Game Version : PC  / Mac
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any mod

The .rar contains script + package. Both required.


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  1. Thank you very much, very necessary and useful mod! The color in the pot is very pleased, great!this link is the russian stbl rus-ru translation


  2. i am not sure if possible,but can you make it multiply? i mean every time brewing the potion on the stove gives you one potion,when you use the cauldron it gives you 4


  3. well i saw we can make bigger portions like 4 for family and 8 for party when we cook,so maybe using that for more portion,it is just a idea i can`t mod,but would like to share it with you


  4. i found out that when you have one of the two stoves you can exsperiment cooking with (the restaurants ovens) the alchemy brewing option you do get but when you start making a potion the animation doesn`t work and no potions are brewed.


  5. This is 100% broken it doesn’t happen in my game. My sims stops mid route. As well as it counter part, herbalism on the cauldron it shows blue squares and better exceptions picks it up as old and outdated.


    • I just checked in game and everything seems to be okay. Better Exceptions is highly inaccurate when it comes to recipes and such because it for some reason tries to compare the mod against exsisting game recipes. If you do get a last exception.txt please send it to me. if there is no last exception error then its not likely 100% broken. If your sims stop mid route either you have something blocking the interaction in your game. Or you have clutter which is blocking the completion. The blue boxes occur if you dont have LittleMissSam’s extra potions.


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