Update – 11.10.2019

—- Added an alternate download for those who do not have Herbalism New Potions mod by LittleMsSam

—- Added Russian translations by Leoobarse

Update – 11.10.2019

—- Added french translations by Candyman

Details – 

This is a mod ( script + package) which allows the herbalism potions ( Outdoor retreat) to be crafted in the RoM cauldron.

  • New Brew Herbalism Potion Interaction on the cauldron

  • Interaction opens a recipe picker menu showing the potion name, cost, ingredients required and the herbalism skill level required.

  •  Made the herbalism potion ingredients optional ( the potion can be made even if the ingredients are not in the sim’s inventory for a price). 

  • Added a small flat price ( 5 simoleons) to the herbalism potion crafting.

Overridden resources – 


Requirement : Realm of Magic GP, Outdoor Retreat
Made with Game Version : 9/17/2019 – PC / Mac
Conflicts: Conflicts with any mod which overrides the above resources

The .rar contains script + package. Both required.


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  1. Do you think you could do a mod in the reverse? In other words make it so we could brew potions on the stove like we do with herbalism right now so we would not need to use the huge cauldron?


  2. Its so cool!! thanks, actually you can make the 'potions' of emotion of get famous functional like this? i would love make potions of emotions in cauldron!!


  3. I have your mod installed but I cannot brew some of the options. I have ingredients, funds, and the skill, but I still can't do some of the options. Am I missing something?


  4. Perfect perfect perfect, do you think it's possible to do the same with the serums of the scientist career … I would feel like an exceptional witch … Please. Anyway, congratulations on your talent.


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