My Downloads


Some important points – 

  • A lot of the new downloads are going to be exclusively published here. 
  • Support for the downloads will be provided via comment section. Feel free to ask me questions!
  • The ‘modthesims‘ downloads are going to stay up as they are now, but if another patch breaks everything and all hell breaks loose then maybe I will start over and upload all the updated downloads on this blog.



  1. I love ur content, is it posible to make accesable the restaurant beverages or certain dishes available in the fridge, like soda? Some quick meal mods are not functional and i find it irritating having only milk and orange juice


  2. Hey I would have a question about this mod, I did everything as it is in the description, only when I click on my tea maker, unfortunately, nothing says that I can make these recipes anyone knows why?


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