FAQ and Patch

1. How do I install the mods ?

– Unpack the .rar or .zip file using 7zip ( or any other similar program) and then drop them in your mods folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Mods (for PC). 

– Package files (.package) can go in sub folders but script files  (.ts4script)should be preferably kept in the main mods folder.

2. Are all your mods hosted here ?

– All my mods are not hosted here but eventually i would try to move all my mods here.

3. Where can I find your other mods ?

4. Which version of the mod should I use ?

– Generally the download post will explain about the different versions but as a rule of thumb, use the ‘NoCustom’ version if you do not have my custom harvestables

– ‘EA version’ implies the mod uses game ingredients while the ‘Custom version’ implies the mod uses my custom ingredients

5. Where can I find info about your WIPs ?

I post my work in progress and sneak peaks on – 

6. Do you take requests ?

I do not take requests but if an idea interests me i can take it up if i have a bit of free time…feel free to share ideas on my twitter or tumblr!

7. Are your mods up to date ?

I try to update my mods to the latest patch as soon as possible. if the patch breaks a lot of mods then it may take a few days for me to update all the mods but i will eventually do it within a reasonable time.

UPDATE: 12/20/2018 
PC / Mac

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