A small mysterious wagon which is stocked with a variety of seeds. Check the schedule to know the avialbility of the different seeds.

Catalogue Details

  • Name – Seed Wagon
  • Location – Activity > outdoor, Misc Appliances
  • Preset – 12
  • Price – 100 simoleons
  • Polycount – 2316v/1596p (high) ; 1665v/983p ( med)


1. Check Restock Schedule – Will give you a notifications with the days and timing for the seed availability

2. Buy Veggies

3. Buy Fruits

4. Buy Herbs

5. Buy Flowers

6. Buy Mushrooms

7. Buy Nuts and Misc

  • The above interaction will open a purchase picker from where the sims will be able to buy seeds.
  • Supports EA as well as custom harvestables.

Note – Some things which are not a seed/harvestable will also appear in the list if its tagged with the particular harvestable ( veggie, herb, fruit). I did it this way so that all CC harvestables are supported

DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible

Made with Game Version : PC: Mac:

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Download (Early Access)

Public Release Available on 10.06.23 ( 10th JUNE 2023)

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