I wanted a separate plant milk crafter ( though the mill object still has the interactions), so I made this rustic off the grid plant milk press. Soon I will be making more plant milks.

Catalogue Details

  • Name – Plant Milk Press
  • Location – Activity > outdoor, Misc Appliances
  • Preset – 18
  • Price – 150 simoleons
  • Polycount – 1038v/542p
  • Interactions

1. Make Plant Milk – 3 servings

2. Make a bottle of Plant Milk – single serving

Off the grid compatible

Opens up a menu from where you can choose to craft bottles of plant milk

– Supports all the previously craftable plant milk – CRAFTABLE PLANT MILK

DLC Requirement : Base game Compatible

Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required : Requires CRAFTABLE PLANT MILK

PolyCount : 999v/1300p (high); 730v/824p (low)


Public Release Available on 8.04.23 ( 8th April 2023)

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