Adds new interaction to the Canning preservation Station – Bulk Crafting

Requires the  Preservation- Canning Station

Details of Interaction :
  • Unlocked at level 10 Preservation Skill
  • Opens menu from where you can choose the preserve to craft in bulk
  • Each bulk Box crafting recipe requires a large number of specific harvestable
  • Supports ALL Jams, Pickles and Spreads

Details of Bulk Boxes :
  • Plopsy enabled
  • Can be sold for profit – Sell to Corporation
  • Can be opened to get 10 Preserve in the inventory
  • Does not Spoil
Polycount Bulk Box 42v/20p
DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible
Made with Game Version :  PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Download Patreon

Public Release Available on 10.03.22

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