1. Introduction

2. What we had to do?

3. Residents and Lore

4. Lots built by me

5. Changes to the lots

6. The world and the gameplay

7. My own wedding story

Software not final. This article is based on an older version of the software

1. Introduction

When I was approached by Sim Guru Frost for involvement in a Sims project, I was understandably very excited. 

After a few days of signing documents I finally got to know what the project was! It was a wedding themed pack with a new world, new wedding gameplay and special new cultural wedding items among other things. I was over the moon because to us Indians weddings are a big deal. A very big deal.

Over the course of a few meetings we (me and my other 3 fellow game changers) got to know the concepts and the vision behind the pack from the gurus themselves. We had a whole presentation about the world, the backstory, the residents and the different lots. We were then given a task of selecting lots we would like to build upon. 


“Make your dream wedding come to life! From proposal to honeymoon – plan out the activities, participants, dress code, food, location, & more … you make it special!”

2. What we had to do?

I choose to build the lounge, a starter home on the forest island and a wedding tray lot!


Lot Placement for lounge

The lounge was supposed to be a modern affair with space for bachelor/bachelorette parties, other pre-wedding parties and maybe also a place for wedding reception. 

“Lounge nested on the edge of town, perfect for pre and post wedding

parties of all types (Bach/elorette, Family Gathering,

Engagement/Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception) “

 Lot Placement for starter Home

The Starter home was located in the forested inland and was “Small home nestled in the hills, overlooking a scenic waterfall.”

The cultural wedding lot would be premade lots which could be placed by the player in the world. I chose to do a lot which would be ideal for a big fat Indian wedding!

We were given some specifications for the lots which would ensure good performance across all types of system configurations.

No Cheats, No MOO and no debug objects!



The map was broadly divided into two areas – 

1. Coastal Village

2. Forest Inland

Coastal Village


Forest Inland




Image credit: Catherine


This information from a very early version of the game and the information may have changed in the final version of the game

The Laurent Family

‘”Laurent” may be a newer name in the area, but the family certainly isn’t. For generations, they’ve owned the local wedding venue, the cornerstone of the wedding industry in the area. And Hilary’s family opened the first food stall in the village square back when they moved to the area. Now she’s a chef in her parent’s restaurant, and the local food market has flourished. Together they’re a wedding-industry powerhouse. None of this is surprising, given the family’s lineage. One only has to look to Hector’s mother, Arnessa Thebe. Most believe her to be the ancestor of Princess Cordelia of House Thebe—though she rarely offers an opinion. If the rumors are true, perhaps rebellious Greta is only following after the princess’ penchant for adventure with her desire to leave. Thankfully, Jace, the youngest, is rather

content to stay. If only Tomi, the daughter of the Laurent Family’s greatest rivals—the Markovic family—knew how much he liked her’


The Markovic Family

‘”The Markovic family are renowned for contributing to the more musical side of the local wedding industry, despite having put off their own wedding time and time again. This is in no small part due to relations between the Markovic and the Laurent family being strained. Mateo believes the Laurents haves a stranglehold on local wedding business and works hard to retain relevance. And while Lucia shares much of the sentiment towards the Laurents, her animosity is directed specifically at Hector, a former lover. She’s actually quite close with his wife, Hilary. All the drama and work has kept them busy (and unwed).

Even so, they love the area, and find it’s the perfect place to raise their daughter, Tomi, an aspiring artist. They’ve wondered if there might be a spark between Tomi and the youngest Laurent member, Jace, but so far their daughter seems content to focus on her own creative pursuits—probably for the best, given the families’ shared feud.


The Soto Family

“Years ago, the Dominique and Camille were married in [Name of World], and each year they decided to come back on vacation to re-experience the love. Once both women retired, they decided to make their yearly trip more permanent and stay. Dominique is a painter, who now spends her days painting landscapes and portraits in the village square, and Camille is a writer, who has taken an interest in the area’s rich history. Many consider her the village historian, and she can often be found enjoying the outdoors alongside Dominique, chatting about local history with anyone willing to listen.”


The Jaleel Family

“Faiz is a poetic, hopeless romantic, living in an area that specializes in the wedding industry—a constant reminder of his single status. He spends his days in the village square, selling flowers, and daydreaming of the person he might end up with someday.

Perhaps an adventurous woman will persuade him to take a twilight dip in the local waterfall, the setting sun casting a romantic aura over the shimmering water! Or a charming stranger might offer his hand, requesting a dance in the village square at night! Sweeping Faiz off his feet under the stars!

Whoever his soulmate might be, Faiz awaits the day they meet, and until then, he has a flower for everyone.”


Local Drama & Sentiments


Lore Facts

Subject to change

The area locals are self-aware that this world is a popular destination for proposals, weddings, and honeymoons. Many have met, fallen in love, and gotten married here, only to return years later and set up roots where love first bloomed. Likewise, many of the locals have made a career of the wedding industry, going so far as to form a bit of a rivalry with each other.
● The area is famous for pastries, specifically Fruit Tarts. These were named after Lady Matilda Tartossa, who is the area’s most famous local noble.
● Pirates used to bring in stolen llamas to trade for fruit tarts and other desserts, making it a popular
trading hub for the rapscallions.
● Princess Cordelia visited with her beloved, third boyfriend, Captain Long John Buttercups. They lived here for a time, because the area reminded her of her kingdom (which she fled when it was invaded by sloths).
● Historians know that Princess Cordelia left when Buttercups died—though why is up to speculation. Rumor is their secret love child returned years later to live where his parents had been so in love, and their descendants live in the area to this day. (There are a few mysteries to solve here!)

4. Lots built by me



I wanted to build a modern and casual lounge which had fantastic views. Which would be perfect for both formal as well as more laid back affairs. It would include a quiet indoor space with entertainment area, a patio dining experience overlooking the beautiful water and a rooftop dance cum bar area to be footloose and fancy free!


The lounge at night


The dance floor on the roof – perfect for those wild pre wedding parties


The back of the lot is open to the path bordering the water body


Take in the fantastic views while dining out in the patio


Private VIP room


The lounge is perfect for hosting daytime casual wedding reception


Floor plan – Ground Floor

Entertainment area, bathrooms, outdoor patio dining and gardens


Floor plan – 1st Floor

Dance Room, Rooftop bar, rooftop dance floor, Hot tub area


A simple and comfortable starter family home with a small verandah overlooking the falls. With its whitewashed walls and terracotta roof, it was perfect for a young family who wanted to settle down far from the madding crowd.


Very simple starter home for a young family


Floor Plan 


The house has magnificent views of the falls. Plop down a chair in the verandah and watch nature 


Do you want to throw a big fat Indian wedding? Better rent a royal fort for the day on the banks of a river! Features extensive grounds for your festivities, a large kitchen for preparing delicious food and a luxurious bridal suite!


Beautiful fort all decked out with flowers and lights and ready for ceremonies

The entrance to the wedding venue


The wedding board has the perfect vibe


View of the mandap


View of the stage for bride and groom to sit and greet guests

 Closer view of the mandap where the wedding ceremonies takes place

 In true sims fashion the bride practicing her dance moves before the guests arrive


Tables positioned in such a way that the guests can sit down to eat while watching the ceremonies. The ceremonies are often very long and people get hungry


The fort and the grounds all lit up at night


Floor Plan – Grounds and gardens

Floor plan – Ground Floor

Foyer, kitchen and bathrooms

Floor plan – 1st Floor

Bridal Suit and en suite bathroom, changing rooms, verandah overlooking the grounds 

5. Changes to the lots

Initially I went all out and stuffed the lots with as much deco I could. I added mirrors, pools and all the flora and fauna I could manage. But alas due to performance metrics I had to edit the lots and cut down on a few of the objects and build elements. But I am happy with how it turned out!

6. The world and the gameplay

We worked with an early version of the game so all the features were not implemented and I could not test them out! But what I saw of the world took my breath away. It was simply beautiful! I can’t wait to play the full pack!


7. My own wedding story

My own Indian Wedding story happened almost a decade ago! Here is a glimpse of it –



  1. Thank you for sharing your wedding photos. I am so happy to have read this. The lots look good, and my mind began to wander – I could see my Sims in them. When I got married years ago, I was crazy in love with the Indian clothes that my gown was a lilac-colored Indian-inspired gown. It is uncommon for brides to wear colored gowns, especially when they are not your typical wedding gown. So, my gown was different – and I loved it.


  2. I've been following and using your mods for more than 2 years now. I am so happy to see you work with EA. I can't wait to try the pack! Also congratulations about your wedding and build project. You are amazing! ❤


  3. wow! first of all, I did not know you were an Indian so sorry. I am one too and I really don't see many Indians playing Sims. I am so happy to see Indians making content for this game. Also, I love seeing your wedding pictures. It is a Bangali tradition, I guess?


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