This mod adds a mini fruit carving sytem using the harbestable whole watermelon!  

Details about Watermelon Carving – 

  1. Put the watermelon on any elevated surface – counter or table
  2. Click on Watermelon  and open Carve Watermelon Pie Menu
  3. Choose one of the 5 carving options
  4. When the carving option is clicked, the sim will use knives to carve up the fruit
  5. A sim can grab bits of fruit from the sculpture and after grabbing 8 times, the sculpture becomes empty and can be thrown away.
  6. The options are  – 
  • Monster
  • Shark
  • Basket
  • Swan
  • Ship


  • Eating bits of fruit will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Energized
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  mmm…Delicious Carving


DLC Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : PC:  / Mac: 
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
PolyCount :
MonsterCarving: 1106v/1612p(high), 814v/1028p(med);Single : 104v/36p
Shark – Carving:1181v/1612p(high), 903v/1056p(med);Single : 104v/136p 
Basket– Carving:1172v/1566p(high), 1240v/1183p(med);Single : 145v/168p
Swan– Carving:664v/730p(high), 430v/412p(med);Single : 69v/36p
Ship Carving:1224v/1350p(high), 931v/816p(high);Single : 110v/68p

Public release on 27.06.2021 

মুন মুন

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