Sims 4 Dream Decorator


I am Natasha. Natasha Fernandez. I am from  a little village in Goa,India. 

I had dreams…big dreams. I wanted to be a home decorator. An interior designer. I have always liked designs, colours and all things pretty. I also had a knack for knowing what people liked and disliked. 

But my hometown has very little scope for interior design gigs. Even less scope for well paying interior design gigs. And I am not saying that I am all about the money….but I do believe that money makes you happy. I hope I dont turn you off by my belief but the heart wants what the heart wants. And I have a burning ambition to be rich.

So what should a girl do ? Move to Del Sol Valley. I had a small inheritance from my grandfather. No it was not a farm. Not evn a run down one. It was some stocks and money bonds. I cashed them out and put down the down payment on a house. The money was substantial but Del Sol valley is expensive. Very expensive. 

The house was small and drab and brown but it had lots of space and I already had expansion plans buzzing around in my head. A swimming pool here…a gazebo there.. a small produce garden at the back. I DO NOT like gardening but I do want to give the eco living a try. Maybe I will hire a gardener ?

I quickly spend my remaining money advertising my services. I think the ads were a good investment even though I am left with only 500 simoleons in my account. You would never know that I am inexperienced. You will never guess that I have never been employed in a decorating gig which payed  more than 50 simoleons. 

I even visited the local pub and spend 25 simoleons for over priced sparkling water. I had hopes of rubbing shoulders with a celebrity. Unfortunately all i got was a glimpse of a grade C star. Waste of time and energy.

Yes!! I finally gor a gig offer. It promised to pay 500 + simoleons for decorating one room according to the owner’s specific tatses. Something about them inheriting some cash and wanting a refresh. Exciting right!!! 

Monday morning I got up early, had a bath and had a filling breakfast of mashed potatoes and broccoli.I knew I would not be able to grab lunch later so I had a filling breakfast. I splurged and took a taxi to the train station. The address was in Evergreen harbour Industrial District. 

They apparently lived in an old refurbished mill. Interesting!

But I had heard some dodgy things about evergreen harbor. About how it was you sometimes struggled to breath if the smog was particularly dense…how there was rumours of acid rain and rubbish strewn everywhere. I am not going to lie..i was a bit apprehensive.

I reached the destination. The house did not look like an old mill. In fact it looked quite decent. I figured that the house was build on the location of an old mill. It looked to be constructed of refurbished and ethically sourced materials. I was impressed.

But the rumours about the smog and the pollution and the rubbish was not exaggerated. The sky was almost yellow.I gulped and prayed that it was an easy job so that I could get out of their as soon as possible. The air was not good for my hair, my skin, my airways. It was not good period!

I met my clients – Bess and Jules. Bess was a civic designer and Jules was a style influencer. They were friendly. Jules was cute. I must remember not to flirt with Jules.At least not in front of Bess. Judge away I dont care!

They wanted me to redo their living room. It was made of recycled wood and looked decent but was pretty sparse. It lacked the spark. That is where I come in. I talked with Bess and got to know that her favourite colour was Black. Jules told me he just LOVED programming. He went on a weird rant about how he hates guitar. Whatever floats your boat I guess!

I talked to them some more and both of them showed me their simterest board. It was choke full of ideas..most of it useless. But I showed my appreciation and complimented their taste nevertheless.

Then I asked them to leave for the day while I got to work.

I took some before pictures. I gave them a sad filter for dramatic effect. Then I planned out what I wanted and ordered the furniture from Simazon. I payed extra for same day delivery. No handmade plopsy stuff for me.

I started with putting some of the old furniture in storage and selling some of them. That gave me a bigger budget to work with. I had ordered some cool sectional sofas and a modular bookshelf and TV stand. I was excited to see how I could fit it in the space. I also ordered a nice small tabletop stereo..none of the huge wall stereos for me or for my client. Keeping in mind that my client loved programming, I ordered a relatively high end PC! 

All the furniture arrived from the local warehouse and I got to work. 

When I finished it was all black with a few accents, some pretty plants and whole lot of pizzazz.

I was stinky, tired and hungry but I was satisfied. Time to call the clinets back and show them my masterpiece. I quickly took some after photos ( with enhanced contrast) and messaged my clients. I also put on some perfume because nobody wants or needs a stinky interior designer.

Time for the grand reveal. I asked them to close their eyes and went TaDa!

First I showed them the before and after photos and then the actual renovated room! I went from new furniture to accent pieces and explained the thought process behind all. I was convinced that I did a damn good job.

But…..Bess’s reaction was not up to the mark. Frankly I think she needs to adjust her fantasies and come back to the real world.This is what I could do with the budget..what did she want ? Black pearl encrusted lounger ? Black diamond beaded curtains ? Some people are just hard to please! I apparently ticked all the boxes but she was just not feeling it! Can you imagine ?

But thankfully Jules liked it..Liked it a lot. I bet its because of the shiny PC! At least I didnt take a hit to my reputation. I even got paid a little extra…my fees + travel allowance!

Now I need to get out of this town. The harbour is covered with yellow smog and I can feel a tingling at the back of my throat.

Until next time. I will be back with a new renovation!

Natasha Fernandez

Interior designer

Monthly contributer

Home Design magazine


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