Adds  recipe to gourmet menu -Blackberry Cheesecake

⇨Requires Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion


  • Serving :Single, and Party Serving Option 
  • Optional Ingredient :  2 Small Biscuit Base + 2 Small Cream Cheese + 1 Vanilla + 7 Blackberry + 0 simoleon flat fee for large Dish 
  • Recipes can still be cooked if the sim does not have the required ingredients. Custom ingrediets are optional.
  • Cooking skill (Gourmet) needed – Level 5
  • Menu : Available from Custom Gourmet Menu on Fridge, Stove, (from Custom Food Interactions), Grand Meal and toddler menus. Also appears under Dessert
  • Restaurant : Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu under  Dessert .


  • Vegetarian safe
  • Can beused for Birthdays and Weddings
  • Compatible with Snowy Escape Lifestyle
  • Requires Power to cook
  • Compatible with Freegan trait
  • Compatible with Discovering University
  • Compatible with RoM (Can be duplicated)
  • Compatible with City Living
  • Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the food on floor, high chairs, sofa)
  • Pets Compatible – pets can interact with them and also eat them if they have the glutton trait 
  • Compatible with Parenthood GP (Can be packed into Sack lunch)
  • Custom Cooking Steps
  • Has Custom multi Plates

DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible

Made with Game Version :  PC: / Mac: 
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :

Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion

OPTIONAL Files Required :

Biscuit Base 

PolyCount : Single – 307v/354p(high), 259v/282p (med) ; Multi – 1108v/1544p (high), 706/906(Med) 

Public Release Available on 28.043.2021

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