Fill up the martini shaker with some spirits and start making your own martini at home!


Martini Shaker 
NameMartini Shaker
Price – 50
Location – Appliance > misc
Swatches – 20

 Martini Shaker – 
1. Fill with Spirits – Fill it for 20 simoleons 
2. Mix and Stir Martini
 – Available after filled with Spirits
– Opens a recipe picker menu from where sims can grab 10 types of Martinis
3. Store glasses of martini in the Shaker Inventory and then take it out whenever you want


  • Can be grabbed from a Martini Shaker
  • Can be crafted from the Professional Bar 

Name Source Ingredients Buffs Polycount
Apple Cider Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Apple, Cinnamon Fruity Affair 664v/844p
Cherry Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Cherry, Lemon Fruity Affair 554v/664p
Chocolate Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Cocoa , Heavy Cream Chocolate Highs 350v/452p
Classic Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Olive, Lemon Shaken, Not Stirred! 822v/944p
Dirty Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Olive, Lemon Classic 550v/668p
Green Apple Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Green Apple, Lemon Fruity Affair 374v/476p
Lime Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Olive, Lime SubLime Spirits 298v/368p
Orange Bronx Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Orange, Cherry Fruity Affair 452v/542p
Peach Cranberry Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Peach, Cranberry Fruity Affair 664v/788p
Pineapple Park Avenue Martini Martini Shaker, Pro Bar Pineapple, Orange Fruity Affair 544v/628p
1. Chocolate Highs – +2 Flirty, 120 sim minutes
2. Fruity Affair – +2 Playful, 120 sim minutes
3. Shaken, Not Stirred – +2 Focused, 120 sim minutes
4. SubLime Spirits – + 2 Energized, 120 sim minutes

DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible

Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac: 
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :

OPTIONAL Files Required :

Green Apple

(If you want the Martini to appear under Pro Bar interactions)

PolyCount : Martini Shaker – High: 340v/530p ; Med : 223v/298p

Public Release Available on 23.04.2021


  1. The shaker seems to not work for me :/, when i fill the mixer with spirits and then click on “mix & stir” there are no options available


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