Buyable Food

Comes in two versions – 

1. Catalogue Version

  • Single dishes buyable from the catalogue
  • Appliances > Small
  • Have reasonably relevant prices
  • Can be eaten as usual
  • Can be sold from inventory, CL Craft Tables
  • Can be packed into sack lunches
  • Always fresh 
  • Food from All packsupto Snowy Escape ( Eco Living EP is missing)

2. No Catalogue Version

– This version is the same as above except it is not found in the catalogue. This version is mainly intended for the Food Synth Object mod

Download info

  • Folder contains a tuning base file and merged files for different packs. Use the packages named after the packs you own
  • The Tuning file is absolutely required – 



Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod


  1. This is a fabulous idea! I only just found the buyable food…and the march 23rd patch broke it. 😦 I got a last exception error from better exceptions. While I wait hopefully for an impending update, I have a quick clarification question on the tuning files: So I do NOT have Batuu but I DO have dine out. I'm assuming I'm only using ONE tuning file which would be the No Batuu, and not the icemunmun_Food_Obj_Tunings_alwaysFresh as well? Slightly confused is all. Please keep up the great work!


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