Adds harvestable Pine Cone, Pine Nuts and  Pine Tree to the game

 Update 22.07.2021
– Updated for Cottage Living
– Enabled for Village Shoppe and Grocery Order by this mod



  • Pinecone can be found under ‘Misc Appliances’ . [ Search for ‘Pine Cone’ the search bar for easy access]
  • Can be found from Seed packets
  • Cost – 30 simoleons 
  • Can be planted and harvested
  • Pine Cone CANNOT be eaten
  • New Interaction – Extract Pine Nuts
  • Pine Nut is tagged as a fruit  and can be eaten. Can be used in recipes which require Fruit as a cooking ingredient. (Custom recipes to come )
  • Eco pack compatible (Fizzy Juices to come later)
  • University compatible ( can be stored in dorm chest)
  • Compatible with RoM spells and Island Living conservationist career.
  • Can be sold using City Living Craft sales table, Grocery market stall
  • Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the harvestable, play with the plant)
  • Pets Compatible
  • Growing season : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (ALL seasons)
  • To be able to be planted during freezing temperature use – Planting in freezing temperature override


  • Eating the Pine Nut harvestable raw will give a moodlet/buff
  • +2 Energized
  • 120 sim minutes
  •  Nutty Pine
  • 1.8x skill gain of Herbalism, Gardening, Wellness, Fitness
  • 0.5x hunger

To be able to be planted during freezing temperature use  Planting in freezing temperature override

Use Increased Hunger Bonus Mod if you want the sims to gain more hunger motive points from eating harvestables

DLC Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

PolyCount :Pine Tree– 1819v/1154p(high), 1550v/890p(med) 
        Pine Cone 328v/356p(high), 108v/156p(high)
Pine Nut 228v/352p(high), 180v/260p(high)

Public release on 19.12.2020 

মুন মুন


  1. First off, thank you for your amazing content. The pine cone is giving me a little trouble though. I can extract pine nuts from a purchased pine cone, but not from a harvested one. The animation is interrupted and no pine nuts are extracted. Also, when I move a harvested pine cone around on the ground, it becomes bigger and bigger each time I do so. It's quite odd. I wonder if you or anyone else can reproduce these errors? Again, thank you for your wonderful and beautiful custom content ❤


    • As I do love all your mods that I use I just noticed the bananas and pine nuts, after breaking up batches or extracting the pine nuts out of the pine cones that are Perfect Plants comes out only normal.. My celebrity sim got a negative buff of eating just normal plants because all of his plants and cooking is perfect. I don’t know if this can be fixed but until then, I will not feed him anymore, just the dairy cowplant. Thank you for all your amazing mods!


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