Update 1.06.2021 – Removed the requirement of vampire lore skill for Rare Stake and Hb Jello

A set of 4 vampire foods – 

1. Rare Stake – Full meal

2. Haemoglobin jello – Dessert

3. Raw Pirhana – Snack

4, Ocular Humnor – Snack

Comes in two versions – 

A) Vampires only – Will give bad buffs to human sims. Requires Plasma fruit and heart fruit

B) Human Friendly – Can be eaten by human sims. Requires regular ingredients. Gives Vampires good plasma buff

Menu – Found under – 

Custom vampire food ( from Custom food Interactions)

Skill – 

1. Vampire friendly version will require vampire lore skill 4 for snacks, 5 for Haemoglobin Jello and 6 for Rare Stake ( Hb Jello and Rare Stake will also require Homestyle cooking skill)

2. Human Friendly version – Homestyle cooking 

Fulfills Vampire thirst

1. Rare Stake – +75

2. Haemoglobin jello – +60

3. Raw Pirhana – + 50

4, Ocular Humnor – + 30



SKILL – Vampire Lore/Homestyle





Single – High, Med

Multi – High, Med


Snack/Vampire Menu




– Killer Delicacy

(+2 Energized, 120 sim minutes ) in Vampires


– Raw Food

(+3 Uncomfortable, 60 min) in human

427v/402p, 371v/313p


Snack/Vampire Menu




– Visual Treat

(+2 Happy, 120 sim minutes ) in Vampires

– Raw Food

(+3 Uncomfortable, 60 min) in human

381v/610p, 247v/242p


Main Dish/Vampire Menu

6/ 4

Plasma Fruit

Heart Fruit


– Delicious Vampire Dish

in Vampires

– Foul Fruit

in human

562v/344p, 231v/210p

331v/330p, 209v/197p


Dessert/Vampire menu

5/ 3

Plasma Fruit

Heart Fruit


– Delicious Vampire Dish

in Vampires

– Foul Fruit

in human

266v/306p, 217v/240p

745v/1012p, 469v/608p

DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible
Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Files Required :

Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion

OPTIONAL Files Required :

Public Release Available on 27.10.2020


  1. Hello! The rare steak and hemo jello don't work anymore idk why, i've tried to redownload and to add vampire points but it wont work, so far this were working well, could you do something please?


  2. I'm having the same problem. When I select Custom Food => Make Vampire Friendly Custom Food, the only two items on the list are the snacks. (Ocular Humor and Raw Piranha.) My Sim is a grandmaster vampire, with a level 15 Vampire Lore skill, and level 10 in both Cooking and Gourmet Cooking. I can't imagine it's a skill problem at this point. I've looked for them in every cooking sub-menu I can think of, both under Custom Foods and not, but I'm not seeing them. My vampire has both plasma fruits and your custom heart fruits in his inventory. Possibly I'm missing some other custom ingredients that you require for this but don't list above?Oddly enough, they DO show up as available food items for restaurants when customizing those menus, so at least they give my vampires something to eat when they go out to a restaurant. But it would be nice to be able to cook them at home, so he can have something to eat besides plasma salads and plasma packs.


  3. The objects (rare steak and jello) still exist in the debug menu and can be pulled out and used but they don't show up in the vampire foods menu anymore 😦 Cooking 10 and Lore 15


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  5. Hi, I seem to have an issue with the vampire-friendly foods, they seem to barely satisfy thirst at all. Every time my vampire Sims take a bite, the bar goes up just a siny bit and by the time they're finished eating, their thirst level is basically just as it was as they started to eat. Any idea how I can fix it? I tried looking for the relevant part in SimsStudio, but I can't find it.


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