This mod adds a mini crafting system using the banana leaf obtained from the separated banana cluster. (The banana cluster is harvested from the banana plant)

How to Craft with banana Leafs – 

1. Click on Banana leaf to get interaction – ‘Prep for crafting‘ – Leaf will be converted to a small mound 

2. Click on Leaf Mound and select ‘Put in Inventory

3. In the inventory click on the leaf mound to get options to craft (Handiness Skill level 2 is required)

4. There are 4 options. Each options can be clicked on to choose 6 different variants of the crafted object. There are a total of 4×6 = 24 objects to craft.

The options are  – 

  • Craft Round Basket
  • Craft Square Basket
  • Craft Blossom Holder
  • Craft Spring Flower Holder

5. The objects can be listed on plopsy. The baskets have slots and you can place small items in them


DLC Requirement : Base game compatible
Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
PolyCount :
Banana Mound– 98v/146p(high), 95v/74p(med)
Round Basket– 351v/398p(high), 221v/230p(med)  
Square Basket– 733v/850p(high), 597v/642p(med) 
Spring Flower Holder– 556v/632p(high), 377v/346p(med) 
Blossom Holder 1550v/1384p(high), 1105v/770p(high)

Public release on 20.09.2020 

মুন মুন


  1. Hi! I love this but there's a bit of an issue/glitch, while making the baskets and stuff, the handiness skill goes up sooo quickly (I honestly like it, don't take it away) and, with the plant, when I get it up to perfect quality and separate the components of the fruit, the components are all at normal quality.


  2. Hello, since the last update in July 2021, not able to sell on Plopsy anymore or give as a gift, or sell it. Please please update the mod. Is amazing buy is missing some great features now


  3. I still cannot sell or list or give away these crafts. It says they don’t belong to you and all options are greyed out. They can only be dragged into the world, but not sold or given away at all. December 1, 2022.


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