1. No Death Murphy Bed
2. University Cafeteria – Custom Food Additions
3. Playable Baby Yoda
4. Stove and Grill Alchemy
5. Cauldron Herbalism
6. Cauldron Potion Costs Money
7. Wax from Season’s Beebox  📣 Needs Update
8. Strangerville’s Liberated Objects  
9. Custom Club Activities
10. Assorted Custom Holiday traditions
11. Pet Themed Holiday traditions
12. Hunger Bonus Increase from harvestables
13. Selvadora Lights
14. Jungle Adventure Minor Mods 📣 Emotional Berry Trees Needs Update
15. Jungle Adventure Liberated Deco
16. Trash Food For Murkland Challenge
17. Buyable Food
18. Functional Diya
19. Liberated From Posts
20. Doctor’s Tools
21. Spooky Day Set 1
22. Spooky Day Set 2
23. Variance Chair
24. Ranch Gothic Set – 3t4 Conversion
25. Ice Cream Lights

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