Adds a custom homestyle recipe to the game – Fried Tofu
Soft tofu deep fried with a crispy coating and served with grated daikon and chopped spring onion

⇨Requires Custom Food Interactions_Latestversion


  • Serving :Single, Family and Party Serving Option 
  • Optional Ingredient 1 Tofu + 1 Raddish + 1 Spring Onion + 1 ANY Vegetable  + 0 simoleon flat fee for Single Dish 
  • Recipes can still be cooked if the sim does not have the required ingredients. Custom ingrediets are optional.
  • Cooking skill (Homestyle) needed – Level 4
  • Menu : Available from Custom Food Menu on Fridge, Stove, (from Custom Food Interactions), and toddler menus. Also appears under Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner Pie menus
  • Restaurant : Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu under Main, Lunch, Dinner .


  • Vegetarian
  • Requires Power to cook
  • Compatible with Freegan trait
  • Compatible with Discovering University
  • Compatible with RoM (Can be duplicated)
  • Compatible with City Living
  • Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the food on floor, high chairs, sofa)
  • Pets Compatible – pets can interact with them and also eat them if they have the glutton trait 
  • Compatible with Parenthood GP (Can be packed into Sack lunch)
  • Multi serving as two states (full and empty)
  • Has Custom Single and multi Plates 

DLC Requirement :  Base game Compatible

Made with Game Version : PC: / Mac:
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Harvestbale Spring Onion

PolyCount : Single – 193v/236p(high), 173v/200p (med) ; Multi – 384v/544p (high), 314v/420p (med)

Public Release Available on 20.06.2020


  1. Hello icemunmun :-)I think there is a problem with your Tofu plant. Everytime my sim eats directly from the plant, the game becomes unplayable. I can not change between the different Sims without having problems und when I ignore the problem, the moods vanish and I can't do anything.


  2. Hey…can me shoiw me a picture of what is happening ? Did you get an LE ? Ideally this type of error should not be caused by a mod like this so there seems to be some conflict


  3. Is there any plan to make a version that uses the tofu that is in the game like there are the different options for avocado and bell pepper recipes? Just a little gripe, but I hate having to have both versions of tofu in the game. I think I also have two types of cheese and two types of eggs too. I don't know, maybe it's because I use the Cooking Overhaul mod but I've noticed some recipes use one and other recipes use the other and it gets a little confusing and frustrating. I'm currently trying to figure out what I can do to fix this problem and keep it to only one version of each ingredient as opposed to multiple. For my sanity.


  4. Hey I will add a version with the soyabean from eco life style! Two versions maybe from SCCO! Srslysim's version is store bought/grocery version and my ones are harvested/collected from the chicken coop. My recipes use my version since i want my sims to grow their stuff to use for their recipes instead of getting them from a store ( tough they can be bought via grocery shopping too i think if you have SCCO


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