Imp Note and Issues
– If the harvestables appear dark inside greenhouses, then replace one tile of the walls with the highest half wall. – Some of the plants don’t turn grey in winter. This by design as I did not want everything to be so grey and depressing. – Some plant leaves in autumn will have brownish edges. – Some plants cannot be planted if the ground is frozen in winter.

Google Sheet with harvestable info

(Updated by Chinwe Egwim)


ALL IN ONE folder (Patreon)


List of Harvestables

1. Olive

2. Peach
12. Radish
23. Orange
27. Cheese
28. Chives
29. Thyme
30. Cumin
42. Tofu 
45. Kiwi
46. Lime
47. Wheat
49. Banana
52. Nutmeg
54. Almond
67. Cashew
68. Oats
69. Chia


  1. I’ve wiped out all the plants and replanted them. After a couple of days insects fly around although I take care of all the plants every day, and then usually after they have already had fruit they wither. Besides, almost all plants have weeds, which was not the case in the past. And I didn’t have any insects before, and I’ve never had a plant withered.


  2. Hello! ^_^ I seem to be having a problem, some trees don't produce any fruit (even if I cheat them with the “Blossoming stage” and cheat spawn fruit there is never anything. Those trees are : Kiwi (which also simply dies after a while even though it's watered and taken care of like the other trees?), Banana, Cranberry, Pistachio, Coconut and Mango. I think the cocoa tree also does this. I individually reinstalled those trees and then replanted and it still doesn't work. :c Any idea? Thanks!


  3. hello i downloaded several of the harvestables but im not given the option to plant them only eat them…. am i missing something or is this just a glitch??


  4. Just to let you know that your chickpea harvestable is currently being recognised in SCCO's EA recipes. Apparently it needs a Tag. Other harvestables are ok, so I guess you may have missed this one 🙂


  5. Hello! I am having issues with canning station. It won't let my sim do anything with it and I've read the books already. When I click on it, there's the pie menu then when I click on making something, the mc command center mod tells me that it has detected something wrong with my mod, it's either broken or not updated but I have the latest version. Hope someone can help me with this!


  6. I still have problems with almost all of your plants, i love your plants and recipes, but they are dying after few days, i think the only one which works is cumin, and i tried to plant them new over and over again. I still don't know whats the problem, because they worked well some months ago


  7. Hey Icemunmun!I only recently discovered you and your mods and had to subscribe to your Patreon directly!I love your work!!I just have a question about the compatibility between your harvestables and those that come into play with the SCCO Mod.You both write that your mods are compatible, but to what extent?If I have both mods in the game, your harvestables and the SCCO mod, do I have all the harvestables “double''?For example, if I want to cook a recipe from the SCCO Mod, is that also possible with your harvestables or only with those from the SCCO Mod itself?For me it is only a matter of whether I, for example, Eggs for cooking I then buy eggs from yours and from the SCCO Mod or whether you have arranged that somehow differently(I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm still learning)Kind regards, Alexa ^^


  8. Hi, icemunmun!Any chance you'll add a rosemary harvestable to help round off the collections of herbs and spices? I do so want a “Scarborough Fair” planter in my Sims' gardens. 😛 (You know, as in the Simon and Garfunkel song. “Parsely, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.”)


  9. hey I tried to add all the EA tags ( for eggs, berries, flour etc etc) to my harvestables and the recipe ingredient requirements instead of specific requirements so that it recognizes everything with those tags. I know Srslysims had plans to add/update those tags too though I am not sure its all been added yet!


  10. I have been using your recipes and seeds for quite a long time but in the last month or so MCC and better exceptions keep throwing out errors for seeds and recipes so many different ones and I had the worst lag I couldn’t play my game finally I took them out and now it works fine I’m so upset I love them can you tell me are you going to be updating the seeds soon ?? Any advice on how to make them work in game?


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