Custom Food Interactions

(Alternate link for download)


  • Adds new menus to the fridge and stove
  • New menus added are – Make Custom Food, Make Custom Gourmet Food, Make Custom Vampire Food, Make Custom Toddler Food, Grab Custom Snack
  • Enables new custom recipes to appear in the fridge and stove recipe picker
  • Requires frequent updates for patch as well as for addition of new food resources
  • Requires both the .package and .ts4script files
  • This mod only adds the menus. for the actual recipes, you need to download the individual recipes

List of Compatible Food


  1. Hi icemunmun,I think have every single one of your mods and custom food and harvestables.Also, When you get a chance, can you fix the link to “Olive lemon Spaghetti”? because it directs to “Olive Cheese Plate” instead.Thanks a million for sharing your talent and wonderful creations.


  2. For some reason the option to cook custom food wont work when I select it. My sims will make the custom food on their own but I can make them make the food. If I click on the option from the stove or fridge nothing happens. Please help I really wanna have my sims open a bakery using the amazing custom food!


  3. Do you have any other fridge/stove related mods ? Make sure there are no other versions of this mod hiding in your folders. Apart from the picker menu, you can also cook the recipes from the breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/dessert pie menu. The recipes are appearing under those pie menus ?


  4. Hi, I love the foods that you offer, but none are showing up in my game under your custom menus. I also have the SCCO mod installed, but hers says that it is compatible with your custom food and harvestables. Is there something that I'm missing? I really love your food, just bummed that they won't show 😦


  5. Hi I dont know if its because of the recent sims 4 update but my sims glitch and wont eat any custom foods and i just started using it less than a week…I had so much fun so far. Would it be possible to update it or see whats wrong. They glitch and the food appears on the ground..same with the toddler , they put the toddler in the high chair where the food is and she glitches out


  6. Cottage Living update still doesn't play nice with nannies. They go on a cooking frenzy. My sim's kitchen was littered with half-finished custom food cutting boards and bowls. For every dish they completed, there would be two or three abandoned ones.Same save, pulled only Custom Food Interactions and the associated recipes. Nanny made ONE 4-seving batch of garlic noodles, went to chat (and flirt) with my sim, then sat down to watch TV. I let that run for a couple of sim hours before I stopped the test.


  7. Same for me 2 years later, this is the exact issue i am having. the options are not listed under anything else. I deleted all my past mods so i dont think i have any older mods that would be messing this one up


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